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Housemade guacamole w/ tortilla chips and deep fried chicken skins   (gf, d)  14


Arancini w/ chicken, portobello mushroom, parmesan & mozzarella w/ mayo 14


Jalapeno poppers w/ honey thyme mayo        14


Crispy chicken skins w/ wasabi mayo   (gf, d)       10


Salt & pepper calamari w/ house blended seasoning, chilli oil, lemon mayo & fresh rocket(gf, d)     16


Crumbed button mushrooms w/ thyme & a blue cheese mayo            14


Bubba Gump Shrimp w/ spicy jalapeno mayo            19


Burgster fried chicken (BFC) w/ Burgster sauce       half size 14   |   full size 21


Chicken tenders (3) in a southern fried coating w aioli           12

Fried chicken wings served as 6 or 12

Southern fried coating (Gluten free available on request)        11   |   20

Spicy Buffalo w/ blue cheese mayo          14   |   22

House-made BBQ w/ aioli mayo            14   |   22




Milk Bun (default)     |     Gluten free + 1      |     Lettuce Cup



Grass fed Angus beef w/ American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion & Burgster sauce      

single  15.5   |   double  21   |   triple  25

Fried chicken w/ lettuce, caramelised pear, red onion, & Burgster sauce            15.5


Ugly Burger - Fried chicken, cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion & mayo         18


Hot Ugly Burger - Hot dust Fried chicken w/ cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, onion & spicy mayo  18


Crumbed mushroom w/ Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles& Burgster sauce           15.5


Tempura market fish w/ lettuce, tomato & house made tartar sauce    (d)            18


House smoked brisket w/ cheese, BBQ sauce, pickles, red onion & chilli jam       18


Pork Cubano - slow cooked pork hock, champagne ham, Swiss cheese, habanero mustard mayo & pickles             17


( N E W ) Tempura Moreton Bay bug sliders w/ lime leaf mayo and lettuce    (d)           16


EXTRAS . . .


Extra Pattie  5   |   Cheese  3   |   Bacon  4   |   Avocado  3   |   Pickles  2   | Egg  3    Red Onion  3  |   Beetroot Relish  3     |     Blue Cheese  4    |   Haloumi  4     

Jalapeños  3   |   Guacamole   4   




BRODEO - Double beef, double cheese, bacon, onion rings, pickles, BBQ sauce & mayo             23

Philly Cheese - Smoked brisket, Swiss cheese, American cheese, onion, jalapenos, chilli jam, onion rings, mustard, ketchup & mayo     23


Bro Boy - Southern fried Australian prawns w/ lettuce & lemon mayo             22




Truffle chips, parmesan cheese, truffle oil & honey thyme mayo    (gf)          14


Poutine chips, house-made chicken gravy & mozzarella cheese   (gf)          14


Straight up chips w/ ketchup and aioli   (gf, d)         9


Sweet potato chips w/ sour cream & chilli jam  (gf)     14


Loaded fries w BBQ pork, cheese sauce, slaw & deep fried jalapeños      21


Beer battered onion rings w/ aioli   (d)     12


Eggplant chips, sea salt, honey & tomato relish   (gf,d)     14


House-made slaw   (gf,d)       5


House-made chicken gravy   (gf,d)       4




Burnt broccoli w/ garlic and toasted almonds   (gf, d)         14


Caesar salad, bacon, anchovy dressing, parmesan cheese, fried egg, croutons, baby cos and anchovies            16


Caesar salad, grilled chicken, bacon, anchovy dressing, parmesan cheese, fried egg, croutons, baby cos and anchovies            19